Lord Hide Me

Lord Hide Me

Please Lord Hide me in You until You’re ready for me to be found

Teach me to be content in You and only You not looking to career advancement, a ring or a picture perfect family to complete me

Because those things are good gifts but they are the shadow and You alone are the substance

Help me to look to you for peace, joy and true fulfillment

Lord You have a purpose for my life in this season

Help me not to miss it being distracted over others’ highlight reels on social media

Wondering when my Adam, Boaz, Morris Chestnut is going to come

Lord Hide Me in You

Dull that desire for human intimacy, companionship and sex until it is Your time

Be with me in those lonely moments when I’m out to eat by myself looking at all the couples laughing and talking

When I’m carrying eight bags of groceries up the stairs wishing I had someone to come home to

Someone to ask how my day has been

Someone to make me laugh and put a smile on my face

When I’m trying to fix a broken shower and longing for a man’s handy touch

Please show me Lord that you always have been and always will be enough

That You are Sovereign and in complete control

I know You have a purpose for this extended season of singleness

Help me to appreciate every struggle, to use every quiet, solitary moment to press closer into You to become the woman You would have me to be

So that I can be a strong example to the next generation

To look beyond myself and be grateful for all that You have done for me, such grace, mercy and provision I will never deserve

Lord Hide Me In You

Help me to make the most of this season to seek Your Kingdom and righteousness

Instead of being preoccupied with titles, likes and LinkedIn recommendations

Lord Hide Me In You

Purify my heart and mind so that my singular focus will be to hear ‘well done my good and faithful servant.’



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