Mental Masturbation part 1

I recently attended the Poets In Autumn Christian spoken word tour which was absolutely anointed, convicting and awesome. One of the poets Ezekiel Azonwu spoke on masturbation and it completely convicted me.

When you’re trying to live a pure lifestyle they are often things you’ll avoid: late night visits with your boo, slow jams they play on radio shows like ‘The Quiet Storm,’ sex scenes in movies or if you’re really disciplined movies with sex altogether.

But an even more dangerous playing field that we can slip into so easily it’s almost scary is the area of mental fantasies. It’s a sin that I’ve struggled with all of my adult life. I knew getting physically involved was off limits and so I reasoned well I’m not having actual sex with the guy, I’m just imagining what it would be like in my mind so that’s totally ok. I get to avoid STDs, pregnancy scares and all the ‘real’ consequences of actually having sex while enjoying the ‘fun’ parts should we be in the rain like The Notebook how romantic, or maybe on the beach like that music video scene.

Mental fantasies seemed like a harmless way to have my cake and eat it too. Until my small group leader told me “you realize sex mentally is still the same as sex physically in God’s eyes, sin is sin.” I was shocked; I had always assumed my mind was off limits, like our all-knowing, all-powerful, all-seeing God who spoke the very universe into existence (Genesis 1:2) couldn’t see it. That He knew I was ‘doing my best’ to fight the urge and would let this one slide because it ‘wasn’t the real thing.’

To all those who thought like I did please know that mental fantasies work like porn in your mind except you are creating the images instead of actors and actresses.

Our bodies are God’s temple His Holy Spirit (Ephesians 5:3) resides in us and we grieve Him when we defile ourselves with fantasies of Lance Gross and Laz Alonso salivating as we take in sex scenes on Scandal.


3 thoughts on “Mental Masturbation part 1

    1. Sorry for the late response! But praise God I love that poet he’s amazing. You can check out the Poets in Autumn (PIA) tour to see if he’s coming to your local city. Have a blessed week!

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