True Life: I was a Mediocre Christian part 1

Have you ever met someone who was comfortable doing just enough to get by. Like in school there was always that one student that had the potential to get all A’s but would settle for C’s. Imagine if you saw Michael Jordan playing a basketball game at the height of his career and he had a chance to take the winning shot but he chose to let the other team win. You’d be like Michael you have all this talent yet you’re just content to sit on the sidelines and watch your team get defeated.

That is how mediocre Christians are, we have all this amazing potential from God that He has poured into us and yet we are content with doing just enough to get by. I’ll go to church every Sunday but don’t ask me to roll up my sleeves and get involved in ministry. I’m happy to put a fish bumper sticker on my car but don’t ask me to go out and be a fisher of men.

It is painful and embarrassing to admit this but I have often been seduced by comfort as a mediocre Christian. It’s easy for me to do just enough to keep up my good Christian girl front while not actually getting in the trenches and giving of myself to the kingdom. I had a television show for every day of the week and I drifted from work to the gym to the couch and church before I did it all over again. I was afraid of the cost emotionally, spiritually, time-wise of getting involved in ministry. I feared that I didn’t have anything to give, that I wasn’t particularly talented in any area so I settled for a life of mediocrity.

A life of mediocrity is often marked by:
• A lack of passion for life and the building of the kingdom
• A sense of complacency and comfort with the status quo
• Stagnancy in your spiritual relationship with God

One of the most dangerous and false beliefs we can have as Christians is that we are mediocre. Mediocre by definition is “of only ordinary or moderate quality, barely adequate.” Satan whispers his lies that we are inadequate, that we don’t have the talent or ability of (insert Christian superstar here) so better to stay on the sidelines. The thief comes to steal kill and destroy and nothing would make Satan happier than to see us live a life far below God’s potential. The hardest part is that Satan’s lies often align with our own fleshly sense of unworthiness making it even harder to step out in faith.

i was not created to be mediocre foundhervoice


2 thoughts on “True Life: I was a Mediocre Christian part 1

  1. Loved this post! You are correct, we are content with mediocrity! I’m not good at these things, so I’ll do nothing. I just discussed this with my 10 year old, he gets so nervous that he’ll mess up in his basketball game and the coach will yell at him, he just goes thru the motions! As Christians, we have to want to win! Great post

    1. Praise God Ron!!! I completely agree we let fear of failure keep us on the sidelines. But God has already given us the power we need if we would step out in faith! I’m praying your son would have an amazing basketball season!

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