Words can’t describe

The love I have for You Father, Son and Holy Spirit

The awe I feel when I think upon Your majesty

My gratitude when I consider the pit you lifted me from

My thankfulness when I think on Your goodness towards me

How unworthy I am to receive Your divine grace & brand new mercies

The joy I feel when I am caught up in Your presence

The peace of laying before Your feet

How humbled I am when I think on what a mighty and all powerful God I serve

The security I feel when I’m wrapped in Your arms

My growing confidence knowing my value lies not in people, titles or wealth

but the Alpha & Omega of the Universe my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

the comfort of knowing no matter what trials I walk though in life

You will always be by my side, never leaving nor forsaking me

My determination to not be my own worst enemy and live a life that is worthy of

“Well done my good and faithful servant”

Words will never accurately describe my love for You Lord but

I pray that at the end of it all my life is a love song

To You the only One worthy of my devotion




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