Sideline Chick part 1

We mess around sometimes; he comes through whenever he’s in the neighborhood. Ours isn’t what you’d call a relationship, we’re more friends with benefits. I know that he has other women I see them out and about every now and then. But it doesn’t really matter because when he’s with me I’m the only one that matters. He gets that glint in his eye and I know he’s up to no good but I can’t help myself there’s such a powerful attraction between us and I tell myself that eventually I’ll break it off with him, I’ll know when I’ve had enough. I do have a first love and I see him around sometimes, he’ll knock at my door and if I’m not busy we’ll have dinner or just chat. He’s kind and stable but my heart doesn’t race with him like it used to and to be honest things have gotten a bit stale. The good thing is I know he’ll always be there and I’ll go back to him….one day.

I feel like this is how a lot of us treat God, saying that He is our Master while trying to keep one toe in the world but“James  admonishes us“don’t you realize that friendship with the world makes you an enemy of God?” (James 4:4 NLV). We can’t be followers of Christ and friends of this world because we serve a jealous God. God is Holy, Our Father and Our Creator He sees our entire heart and loves us like no one else. If you saw someone trade a beautiful diamond for a dirty pebble off the ground you would think they were crazy. Yet we often trade our place as the bride of Christ to be Satan’s side chick, just as Esau gave up his birthright for a piece of bread and lentil soup Genesis 25:29-34.

We mess around with Satan and our flesh because it’s fun and ‘easy’ and there’s seemingly no commitment. Satan has us so confused that we believe the rush of sex, popularity, power and money are better than the love, joy, peace, grace and mercy we can experience as true servants of Christ.


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