Getting Off the Bench

On Sunday my pastor preached about Moses and how he spent so much time giving God excuses for why he couldn’t go down to Egypt and rescue God’s people: he was a lowly shepherd, he was too hold, he wasn’t eloquent (Exodus 3:11-4:13). God’s patience with Moses is so encouraging because He didn’t give up on him instead He provided Aaron as a spokesperson and gave him the staff to demonstrate His miracles (Exodus 4:14-17). God, out of His infinite wisdom and ability, gave Moses exactly what he needed to complete the task yet how many times have I given God excuses for why I can’t join a ministry, start a blog or mentor someone. 

Lord if I didn’t suffer from low self-esteem and stutter, if I had a full-time job, more naturally outgoing then I could really be on fire for you. But God knows all of our weaknesses, fears and faults and He can use them for His glory, “for we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that its extraordinary power comes from God and not us” (2:Corinthians 4:7). God can take all of our cracks, messiness, everything that people use to belittle us and use it for his glory. Think how amazing it was for the Israelites to see quiet Moses transformed into a mighty man of God leading millions to freedom. God gave us His very best, the precious life of His perfect Son Jesus, in place of our sins for eternal salvation and a life of abundance here on Earth. How often have I shunned that abundance in favor of fleshly pleasure and convenience, because real commitment to Christ takes investment, dedication and focus things that will cost you but are so worth it in the end. God never does anything halfway He gave us His best, because that is how He operates, so how can we give anything less than a 100 percent.  I have been convicted to step off the bench and be an active participant in this life and the first step is to stop with the excuses. As my pastor said ‘there will be no well-done my good and faithful servant without a well-do first.’

Ready to Fight Again

Time to get off the sidelines

Life isn’t a spectator sport

Time to try again

To be intentional with my time

Because our lives are only a breath

Like shifting sand our lives will pass away

What will I have to show for my time on Earth

Would’ve Could’ve Should’ve

I could have joined that ministry but

I would’ve taken that class but

I should’ve listened to the Lord but

I don’t want to enter Heaven like a person escaping the flames

I want the Lord to say well done my good and faithful servant

But that will require me to well…serve

To get off my butt

Put down the remote

To shake off this lazy state

It is so easy to sleepwalk through life

Always believing I will have tomorrow to pull it together

But the truth is I could die right now and what would I have

To show for it

I can’t wait until I get married to be on fire for the Lord

I can’t say Lord when I have more time

God gives us 24 hours in each day and seven days in a week

In that time He created the wind, the sea, the sky and the Earth

If Jesus can minister and feed 5,000 men in that time

I’m pretty sure I can mentor someone

Take that class

Devote myself to ministry

There is no excuse

Jesus died so that we might have eternal life

But what will I do with this life

To Tell Him thank you.



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